About me

Since September 2013, I'm on the tenure track as an associate professor in Montpellier 2 University (IUT Montpellier-Sète) and a member of the COCONUT team (LIRMM). My research interests are situated at the crossroads of Constraint Programming (CP), Machine Learning (ML) and Software Testing. In particular, I’m interested in developing techniques and tools for:

  • Constraint acquisition based on machine learning techniques.
  • Automatic Constraint-Based Testing process of critical software and/or constraint programs.

If you need to do a background check, here's my CV (EN---FR) (updated at 21.04.2013)


Below, I hit a few highlights:

Current Projects:

PC member of:

Reviewer for:

  • AIJ, CP’13'15, TAP ('10'11), ICST'10, ICSME'14, QSIC('13'14), QSR'15, JFPC('09'12’13'14'15), LML'13, CSTVA’11

once upon a time

Postdoc positions:


Phd thesis:

I passed my Phd at INRIA Rennes (IRISA), in the Celtique team (follow-up of Lande team), under the supervision of Arnaud Gotlieb, Yahia Lebbah and Thomas Jensen. My research area during my thesis was about the debugging in constraint programming, especially on the detection, localization and correction of faults in constraint models.

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