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 Christine Azevedo-Coste Homepage

- from November 2015, I will be in Brazil for 3 months as invited researcher in UNB university.
- our team will participate to cybathlon competition

Christine Azevedo Coste

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Research Scientist, INRIA
location: LIRMM (Montpellier)

My research concerns functional rehabilitation, mainly involving electrical stimulation and neuroprostheses. My expertise is more precisely movement artificial control.

The applications I am currently investigating are: FES-cycling in spinal cord injured (SCI) indivduals, gait correction in post stroke hemiplegia,  transfer assistance in SCI. I also have an important contribution in motion reconstruction using inertial measurement unit. My work relies on basic studies in human and animal sensori-motor control.

Keywords: bipedal locomotion, biped robots, model predictive control, rehabilitation, FES, postural control, sensori-motor physiology, neuroprosthetics.

paladyn journal paladyn journal paladyn journal paladyn journal


associate team


technology to better understand Parkinson Disease
and propose new assistive solutions

Participation to CYBATHLON

competition in october 2016
FreeWheels team

Selection of 3 major publications

Continuous gait cycle index estimation for electrical stimulation assisted foot drop correction, Azevedo Coste C., Jovic J., Pissard-Gibollet R., Froger, J.. In: Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation. (2014)

Interpretation of muscle spindle afferent nerve response to passive muscle stretch recorded with thin-film longitudinal intrafascicular electrodes., Djilas M., Azevedo Coste C., Guiraud D., Yoshida K. In: IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering. (2009)

Bipedal Locomotion: Towards Unified Concepts in Robotics and Neuroscience., Azevedo Coste C., Espiau B., Amblard B., Assaiante C.,  Biological Cybernetics. (2006)