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IMSTW'07 Paper
"Fully-Efficient ADC Test Technique for ATE with Low Resolution Arbitrary Wave Generators",
IEEE Internationnal Mixed-Signal workshop, IMSTW'07.
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ETS: "Best Paper Award" for ISyTest Researchers
As a result of outstanding collaboration between NXP and the LIRMM at ISyTest, Vincent Kerzérho (PhD student NXP/LIRMM), Philippe Cauvet (SiP Program Test Manager, NXP), Serge Bernard , Florence Azaďs, Mariane Comte and Michel Renovell (LIRMM Researchers) received the Best Paper Award at the European Test Symposium 2007 held in Freiburg (Germany). Their paper is entitled: "Analog Network of Converters: A DfT Technique to Test a Complete Set of ADCs and DACs Embedded in a Complex SiP or SoC". It presents the development of a test method for analog/digital converters and digital/analog converters embedded in System-in-Package. Their new test method has two main features: use of a low-cost tester and a reduced number of external access points. Serge:"This work is an illustration of the merit of this close collaboration betweeen the LIRMM and NXP". Philippe: "The work Vincent has carried out since the start of his thesis is now recognised for its true value." For Vincent, participating in this type of conference is very instructive: "You can see how other people work within the same field of application." The project is currently in the experimental validation phase. Internal clients can expect to use this new procedure in 3 to 4 months.

About ETS: (
ETS, the European Test Symposium, is the most important conference on testing in Europe. It attracts almost 200 researchers and engineers from around the globe each year. The best paper is selected according to 3 criteria: reviews by experts, quality of presentation and the audience's opinion.

Schéma :
"Analog network of converters", a DfT solution for testing several ADCs and DACs embedded in a SiP
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ISyTest Inauguration : March 27th, 2007
The ISyTest joint lab is the fruit of dynamic collaboration between partners: Franck Murray (Director of technology NXP France), Michel Robert (Director of LIRMM), Pierre Guillon (Director of Department ST2I, CNRS), Anne-Yvonne Le Dain (Vice-President of the Languedoc Roussillon region), Jean-Louis Cuq (President of Montpellier University), Jean-Noël Palazin (Strategy and Partnership NXP France), Philippe Cauvet and Serge Bernard (Co-Directors of ISytest, representing NXP and LIRMM respectively), Marie-Lise Flottes (Director of LIRMM's Microelectronics Department).
On 27 March 2007, NXP France, the CNRS and the University of Montpellier 2 inaugurated ISyTest, an institute for test innovation dedicated to integrated system solutions. The objective of this shared lab is to develop new test methodologies for SiP (System-in-Package) technologies, and more generally for SoC (System-on-Chip).
Stéphanie Poggi

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