Actualité : Anastasia Paparrizou a reçu le prix de la meilleure thèse

Mercredi 2 septembre 2015

Anastasia Paparrizou a reçu le prix de la meilleure thèse

"Après son premier accessit au concours de la meilleure thèse européenne

en intelligence artificielle (décerné l'an dernier à Prague), Anastasia

Paparrizou a reçu à Cork, Irlande, le prix de la meilleure thèse mondiale

en programmation par contraintes. "

The PhD thesis of Anastasia Paparrizou, entitled "Efficient Algorithms
for Strong Local Consistencies and Adaptive Techniques in Constraint
Satisfaction Problems" and supervised by Kostas Stergiou, University
of Western Macedonia, Greece, has received the ACP doctoral research
award 2015. This award is given to the best thesis in Constraint
Programming presented in the last two years. The ceremony took place
in Cork, Ireland, during the international conference in constraint
programming, CP'15. Anastasia Paparrizou has also received an honourable
mention for the 2014 ECCAI Dissertation Award, which recognizes the best
european thesis in artificial intelligence.
Anastasia Paparrizou is a post-Doctoral researcher at Lirmm (Coconut team)
since January 2014.

Here is her website:

CP award


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