Actualité : Séminaire sur l'intégration en Microélectronique

Mercredi 16 décembre LIRMM

Séminaire sur l'intégration en Microélectronique

Ryan KASTNER (University of California, San Diego)Building Heterogenous Systems: A View from the Trenches

Le 16 décembre 2015 à partir de 9h30

The promise of heterogenous computing has been touted for at least a couple of decades. And FPGAs, GPUs, multicore CPUs all see substantial use, yet they remain extremely difficult to program. In this talk, I describe a number of end-to-end system development efforts in my research group. These include robotic systems for remote sensing and computer vision systems for human computer-interaction. I discuss the trials and tribulations of developing these systems. And show their ultimate benefits in terms of performance and energy consumption. And I touch upon the needs to move the development of these systems from highly trained individuals to "every day" programmers.
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