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Niko Välimäki: Applications of Compressed Data Structures on Sequences and Structured Data

Vendredi 11 Janvier 2013, de 14h à 15h30, salle 127, à l'IBC, 95 rue de la Galéra 34095 Montpellier cedex 5

PrésentationNiko Välimäki, Finnish Centre of Excellence in Cancer Genetics Research.TitreApplications of Compressed Data Structures on Sequences and Structured DataRésumé: Recent advancements in the field of compressed data structures create interesting opportunities for interdisciplinary research and applications. Compressed data structures provide essentially a time-space tradeoff for solving a problem; while traditional data structures use extra space in addition to the input, compressed data structures replace the input and require space proportional to the compressed size of the input. This talk will give an introduction to some of the basic techniques that are based on the Burrows-Wheeler transform. We will also discuss applications that take advantage of compressed data structures in the fields of bioinformatics, data analysis and information retrieval.


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