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Phenomics and data deluge: an Australian experience

Wednesday 22 May 2013, 2pm, room 127, IBC, 95 rue de la Galéra, 34095 Montpellier cedex 5

Dr Xavier Sirault
The High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre, CSIRO Plant Industry, Black Mountain, Cnr Clunies Ross Street and Barry Drive, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia
Presentation title: Phenomics and data deluge: an Australian experience
Since the genomics era, biology has become a data-driven science. In the case of phenomics, high volumes of highly heterogeneous data types (e.g. image data, physiological and morphological measurements) are being produced by a range of new phenotyping platforms and stored on federated or distributed databases. To make sense of this rapid production of large and complex biological datasets, sophisticated storage, archiving, searching and analysis capabilities are required. The main challenge remains to link gene sequence, molecular expression to plant structure, development, composition and performance, under clearly defined conditions and translate this into varieties with commercially useful characteristics.
In this talk, I will focus on two aspects:
    1-      A presentation of the suite of unique and purpose-built tools (hardware and software), including field technologies, developed at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility for expediting the identification of genetic variation in natural and derived genetic populations (e.g. germplasm collections, association genetic panels, recombinant inbred lines etc...) in view of understanding the dynamic relationship between phenotype, genotype and environment; and,
    2-      The Phenomics Ontology Driven Data Repository (PODD). PODD has been developed as a repository for data produced by the variety of plant imaging and phenotyping platforms available in Canberra, as well as for recording contextual metadata associated with plant genotypes, treatments and environmental conditions. PODD manages the links between the raw image files generated by plant imaging platforms, the results from the analysis, and the contextual information from experiments. These links enable scientists to generate novel conclusions about the plants being phenotyped, including conclusion based on the genotype, plant growth environments, treatments, phenotyping platforms and the phenotyping and analysis processes.


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