Ongoing Projects

AGILIS project  – EIT Health 2019-2020
Restoration of Hand Functions in Low Tetraplegia through Selective Neural Electrical Stimulation

SPINSTIM Project I-SITE MUSE (Montpellier University) 2018-
Contrôle des fonctions vésico-sphinctériennes via la stimulation électrique des voies spinales

cacaotAssociate team CACAO: collaboration with University of Brasilia on lower limb assistance


freewheelsFreewheels project: Camin has participated into Cybathlon first competition in Zurich in October 2016 and will participate again in 2020.


epioneEpione (European Project)

Ended in 2018

Intense (Projets de Recherche et Développement Structurants (PRDS)


France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies 2015-2016 Collaborative Projects Grant: Inertial Sensor Based Analysis of gait on Children with Cerebral Palsy


parakeetParakeet project: Parkinson Disease and essential tremor assistive technology.


INRIA Project-lab BCI-Lift: Brain Computer Interfaces: Learning, Interaction, Feedback, Training