Frequently asked questions (version 1.0)

Conceptual graph edition

Generally, when you double click on an edge, a number is assigned to this edge and, if repeated, another number is assigned. All possible values are thus accessible. However, if the signature of the relation is not compatible with the type of concept, no number is assigned. It is possible to postpone some corrections, and force the number assignation by using the contextual menu attached to the edge. The "edge change order" menu option has all the numbers (with valid numbers being in bold). This version does not store queries as a separate kind of knowledge. However, queries can be saved as facts:
  1. create a new set of facts called "Queries" for instance
  2. use the button in the editor toolbar to save your query
To change a big graph, find the part you are interested in using the query wizard. Select the graph alone and apply no rule. The graph itself is displayed in each response and you can change it directly.

Vocabulary edition

Assume that A is a relation type and B is another relation type such as B is a kind of A (B<=A). The signature of A (a1,a2...,an) is comptatible with the signature of B (b1,b2...,bn) if b1<=a1,b2<=b2,<=an (covariance property). When this sort of errors occurs, you can use the "propose signature" command in the contextual menu attached to relation type B.


Default language can be set in Tools/Preferences/General/Current language.