The design of Field Programmable Logic circuits and systems is a very innovative domain where education and research are important key issues for the future of Microelectronic industry in supplying skill engineers trained on new concepts and tools. FPL 2002 is the 12th edition in a series of annual international conferences. It is now the most important event in the field of Programmable Logic circuits and systems. The previous editions have attracted about two hundred fifty attendees from leading companies and Universities representing major research and development groups from Europe, Asia and America.

We would like to offer you the possibility to be in contact with all the conference attendees to advertise your company. The exhibition organized during FPL 2002 is a unique opportunity for your company to address a wide variety of experts and potential customers in the field of Programmable Logic.

The conference is scheduled from September 2 to 4 and the exhibition will start on Monday 2, evening and will close on Wednesday 4, afternoon. To guarantee the success of the exhibition, an 'Industrial Party' with buffet and aperitif will be offered to all the conference attendees on Monday evening and will constitute the official opening of the exhibition.

Exhibition Hall and Facilities

The industrial exhibition together with the conference will be held at the Conference Center of La Grande Motte. As you see below (reference 6, 7), we offer a very comfortable hall of approximately 500m2.


    1 -    Main entrance
    2 -    Main theatre
    3 -    Second theatre
    4,5 - Meeting rooms
    6,7 - Exhibition hall

During the Conference the exhibition hall shall equipped with the following facilities :

  • 9m2 exhibition stands
  • Power sockets (230v)
  • Internet access points on request
  • Poster board (1m x 2,5m)
  • Tables, chairs
  • Printing name

Exhibitors requiring additional facilities are requested to contact us as soon as possible.

Conference Center - La Grande Motte  

Exhibition fee

Please dowload the following form and send it back by fax as soon as possible (and if possible before 31th July, 2002).

    Download PDF Form 


Contact details

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