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Numerical Models for coastal hazards - 4/12/15

In partnership with GDR EGRIN, our team will organize a workshop focused on coastal hazards such as tsunamis, beach erosion and urban floods.
Date: December 4th, 2015
Place: Inria Montpellier
Antoine Rousseau
Schedule / Program:
9h30-10h: Welcome coffee
10h: Rodrigo Cienfuegos (PUC Chile): Recent tsunamis in Chile: what have we learned from observations, hydrodynamics, and modeling
10h40: Bijan Mohammadi (IMAG et Inria LEM0N): Littoral erosion & extreme events/Hazard quantification in oil transport on seas: Quantification of buried oil in the intertidial beach zone
11h20: Frédéric Bouchette (Géosciences): Long-term dynamics of shoreline instabilities
12h-13h30: Lunch break
13h30: Rodrigo Pedreros (BRGM): Tsunami, cyclone and storm induced coastal flooding hazards: deterministic and probabilistic approaches and application on urban areas.
14h10: Vincent Guinot (Hydrosciences et Inria LEM0N): Porosity models for large scale modeling of urban floods
14h50: François Carnus (BRL Ingénierie): Litto CMS: a forecasting system for marine submersion management
15h30-16h30: discussions, future events