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6ème Journées scientifiques du LabEx NUMEV



More than 200 attendees for the scientific days of NUMEV

The sixth scientific days of NUMEV, which took place on November 13th and 14th, was an opportunity to give an overview on the research projects funded by LabEx. More than 200 attendees were present and with 60 posters, 14 oral presentations and 2 invited presentations, these scientific days were a real success. You will soon find all the presentations on Youtube.


To honor the memory of our colleague, NUMEV launched the Vladimir LORMAN award and two prizes was awarded:

Macro and micro rheological characterization of human bronchial mucus 
M. Jory (1), D. Donnarumma (1), C. Blanc1, A. Fort (2), l. Casanellas (1), I. Vachier (2), A. Bourdin (2), G. Massiera (1)
(1) L2C, UM - CNRS, (2) INSERM et CHU Montpellier

Superbeelive : An instrumented hive allowing the real time follow-up of a colony of bees
C. Carlier (1), D. Jullien (1), A. Dupleix (1), G. Camp (1), M. Rousset (2)