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Annonce séminaire Yannick Rondelez

Computing with molecules: how and why
Yannick Rondelez
Laboratoire Gulliver,  ESPCI (Paris)
Jeudi 1er février 2018 de 14h à 15, IES Bat 5 Campus St Priest. 
Abstract: Informational polymers and molecular programming techniques open unprecedented opportunities for the exploration of molecular-scale computation. For example, they can be used to build reaction networks with arbitrary topologies, and rich dynamical behaviour. These systems reproduce, in test tubes, some of the fundamental dynamical systems underlying cell-scale computation, like oscillators, bistable switches. As such they can be used as model to understand better the design principle of biological regulatory networks. From a technological perspective, artificial molecular circuits can be combined with high throughput microfluidics techniques to implement highly parallel signal processing tasks in moleculo. I will discuss in particular stochastic molecular optimisation technique addressing the challenge of protein design, as well as diagnostic applications.