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Scientific and Pedagogic Committee

The Scientific and Pedagogic Committee insures the scientific integrity and focus of all LABEX activities. It is composed of scientific experts from the different partners labs, who are responsible for generci topics and integrated projects. It meets every month upon request and is composed of:

The Management Board :

  •  Lionel Torres  (LIRMM)
  •  Andréa Parmeggiani  (L2C)

The different partners labs :

  • Vincent Berry (LIRMM)
  • Benoit Charlot (IES)
  • Benoîte De Saporta  (IMAG)
  • Sébastien DRUON (LIRMM)
  • Joseph Gril (LMGC)
  • Franck Jourdan (LMGC)
  • Didier Laux (IES)
  • Emmanuel Le Clezio (IES)
  • Christian Ligoure (L2C)
  • Florent Masseglia (INRIA/LIRMM)
  • John Palmeri  (L2C)
  • Stéphane Perrey (EUROMOV)
  • Pascal Poncelet (LIRMM)
  • Eric Rivals (LIRMM)
  • Nabil Zemiti (LIRMM)