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Management Board

The direction team consists in two co-directors :
- Lionel Torres, Prof. at UM/Polytech Montpellier and LIRMM lab; he is the official Scientific and Technical Leader,
- Andréa Parmeggiani, Prof at UM, L2C and DIMNP labs
helped by :
- one project leader funded by the LabEx ( ).
- one administrator provided by University of Montpellier (Geneviève Carrière). 
The direction handles the everyday follow up of the actions funded by NUMEV and animates the monthly meeting of the Scientific and Pedagogic Committee where all the decisions regarding the scientific policy are discussed and matured. On top of the direction, this committee is composed of the leaders of the Generic Directions and Integrated Projects as well as the head of the Scientific Department “Engineering Sciences” of the University of Montpellier:
The head of the school of doctoral studies I2S is also invited when decisions regarding the hiring of PhD students are scheduled. The research units and teaching components directors are kept aware of the LabEx actions during the bi-annual meetings with the direction where the funding allocation and appropriateness of projects selection are discussed. 
To help the direction in its choices, the Scientific College gathering 10 scientific personalities and industrial representatives meets once per year.
Eventually, the Strategic Council composed by all the supervising institutions on top of representatives from Languedoc-Roussillon region and industry validate the choices proposed by the direction, according to the number of votes defined in the consortium agreement.