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Generic Topic - Algorithms and computation

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A radical change in algorithmic and computational methods is required due to the dramatic increase in data from life sciences and environmental studies, the complexity of models mentioned above, and the demand for ever-more numerous and extensive analyses. The "Algorithms and Computation" generic direction joins together teams from computer science, mathematics, microelectronics and physics to focus on this issue. The problems addressed are related to discrete and generic objects from computer science (graphs, trees, sequences), and numerical entities, most often in an optimization or simulation context. Approaches will combine theoretical analyses, exact and optimal algorithms, heuristics with proven performance, effective implementations of these algorithms and methods in appropriate systems, their testing on large data sets (simulated and real), and their diffusion in the form of software programs or Web servers. Research will be mostly generic and extend beyond the framework of the environment and life sciences, but target applications will primarily be related to these fields and deal with new high-throughput techniques for DNA sequencing (analyses of environmental samples, epidemiology of emerging viruses, biology of major illnesses such as cancer and malaria), treatment of medical and satellite images, modelling of complex systems and natural environments (plants, soils, sediments, rocks, snow).