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GD Model Systems and Measurements

Coordinators : Christian Ligoure, Benoît Charlot

The General Direction Model Systems and Measurements brings togetherexperimenters work skills around the study of systems for understanding life and environment, to characterize at mechanical, physical and physico-chemical level natural systems (granular materials, wood, blood, human cells, wheat,water) and to identify and understand general mechanisms that govern the physical behaviour of living objects by overcoming the intrinsic complexity of natural objects. A research has been initiated concerning transport and detection of individual biomolecules in a carbon nanotube[1] for the discrimination of ions and small individual biomolecules. This work has been also carried the IUF nomination of V. Jourdain (2015). A research work aims to study severe chronic bronchial diseases associated with hypersecretion of mucus and ciliary with objective to characterize mechanical properties of the different mucus layers of the epithelium by micro-rheology tools on cultures[2]. A recent research work was a perfect example of interaction between systems and models; Fragmentation versus biodegradation of polymers in the marine environment. A very successful workshop (150 attendees “Polymers and Oceans 2018”), has been held in Montpellier to bring together scientists from different disciplines (physicochemists of polymers, biophysicists, microbiologists, oceanographers ...) on the question of the degradation of polymers in the marine environment. This project was laureate of the first ISITE MUSE research program call too.




[1]K. Yazda, S. Tahir, T. Michel, B. Loubet, M. Manghi, J. Bentin, F. Picaud, J. Palmeri, F. Henn, V. Jourdain (2017) Voltage-activated transport of ions through single-walled carbon nanotubes. Nanoscale, Royal Society of Chemistry, vol. 9 (33), pp.11976-11986

[2]S. Dey, G. Massiera, E. Pitard (2018) Role of spatial heterogeneity in the collective dynamics of cilia beating in a minimal one-dimensional model Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, And Soft Matter Physics, vol. 97 p.012403