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Integrated Project - Monitoring of the Environment

Coordinators : Sébastien Druon and Jérémie Torres

The IP Monitoring of the Environnement research actions deal with the designof sensors and their deployment with the goal to collectand analyse environmental data.Indeed, in the last two years, research activities centredon sensors and instrumented vehicles dedicated to the monitoring of environmental issues have been widely supported by NUMEV. One on going research project cofunded with IFREMER, concerning in situ recording of fish physiological status information. For the first time, it will be possible to evaluate the physiological state of the fish in its natural environment. For that Specifics Embedded Tags on Mediterranean tunas has been developed and used on real environment[1]. This project is also now part of IFREMER Flagship named POPSTAR (one of the four IFREMER Flagship[2]).  A second example is a project aiming to the development of a laser sensor technology, dedicated to the control of vortex beams to create high performance bio-sensors[3]. This laser, is able to interact with matter to allow the deployment of new novel technologies in mechanical control (optical tweezers) and measurements (velocimetry Doppler) at the level of single molecules of biological relevance. A company, named INNOPTICS, work on the sensor integration (based on valorisation project funded by the SATT) such as velocimetry measurements dedicated to droplet control at the output of spreading nozzles to limit pest risk. The IP has also contributed the diffusion of the knowledge in the Environment or Living fields through the funding of scientific events as the International Conference “Biomedical and Photonics” 2017 or “Biologging workshop” commonly organise with the LabEx CEMEB in 2016.



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[3]M. Sellahi, M. Myara, G. Beaudoin, I. Sagnes, A. Garnache (2015) Highly coherent modeless broadband semiconductor laser. Optics Letters, vol. 40 (18), p. 4301, doi: 10.1364/OL.40.004301.