Photo C. Tibermacine

Bâtiment : 4 Ext Etage 2

Bureau : E3.11

Téléphone : 04 67 14 97 24

Fax : 04 67 41 85 00

Email :

Site internet : Click here

Statut : Permanent

Main Research Interests:

  • Architecture description at design time (architecture description languages and architecture constraint specification languages)
  • Architecture description in programming (component-oriented programming languages)
  • Reengineering and evolution of object-oriented, component-based and service-oriented architectures
  • Classification of software components and Web services

Short Biography

Selection of Recent Publications

A complete list can be found here or here.

Main Teaching Interests

  • Object-oriented Modeling in UML and Programming in JAVA
  • Web/Event-based Programming in JavaScript, PHP and Python
  • Component-based and Service-oriented Programming with Java frameworks


Software Component, Web Service, Software Evolution, Software Engineering, Software Architecture

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