Christophe FIORIO

Christophe Fiorio

Bâtiment : Bâtiment 5, Étage 3

Bureau : 03/064

Téléphone : +33 4 67 41 86 41

Fax : +33 4 67 41 85 00

Email :

Statut : Permanent

My researchs focus on imagery and I am involved in ICAR team. I tend to develop a combinatorial and discrete approach of imagery. My goal is to provide a complete discret framework to model, analyze and represent digital images. In particular, I'm interested in the definition of a formal digital model of image, in regions segmentation by combinatorial and statistical algorithms, and in the characterization the results by topological data structures and digital geometry features.

In Digital geometry, I studied digital topology in order to have a consistent model to work with. Now, I'm studying digital geometry features such as digital planarity or curvature. I studied combinatorial maps as a graph structure to represent image and model digital structures or segmented images.

In Image Analysis, I proposed to use Union-Find algorithms to segment images efficiently and I am working on statistical merging criteria for these algorithms.

I also have interests in computational complexity, computer arithmetic, cryptography, graph theory and many others in computer science and mathematics...


Combinatorial imagery, Digital geometry, Image segmentation, Union-Find algorithm, Combinatorial maps, Digital topology

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