Main topics with representative papers 

Formal Concept Analysis(lattice theory for data analysis)

  • Applications in ontology engineering                                             ICFCA 2007 - DAC 2007
  • Application to environmental datasets (see below)
  • Applications in software engineering     (see below)

FCA and Environmental datasets

  • Exploration of biopesticide datasets (Knomana project) ICFCA2019
  • Data mining on hydroecologic datasets (Fresqueau project)  AKDM2016  IJGS15

Software Product Lines

  • FCA as a structural framework for SPL
    • Boolean variability relationships extraction JSS2019/1
    • Complex variability relationships extraction JSS2019/2
    • Implication rules DAM2019
  • Extracting features from source code   IRI 2013 - SEKE 2014
  • Adapting a feature model to a context   SEKE 2013


Model Driven Engineering

Web Accessibility

Identifier Analysis

  • automatic classification, creation of an identifier network    IDA 2014 - ICPC 2010

Component-based and service-based approaches

Object-oriented approaches

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