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Bâtiment : Bâtiment 5, Étage 1

Bureau : 01/060

Téléphone : +33 4 67 14 97 68

Fax : +33 4 67 41 85 00

Email :

Statut : Permanent

I am a CNRS research engineer in Robotics department and a member of STI-AR service. My main activity is to support research teams of the department in their developments of robotic platforms and in the setup their experiments. It mainly consists in designing and implementing software control systems (including closed loop control, hardware interface, supervision and teleoperation) for robots and systems developed or used at LIRMM. 

My research interests are  real-time programming, control architectures for robotics applications and object/component/model driven software engineering applied to real-time control applications. I study control architectures as a scientific field and develop software engineering tools and RT-middleware to enhance reuse and more generally quality in development process.


real-time programming, software control architectures and middlewares, robotics manipulator, mobile robotics, rehabilitation robotics, functional electrical stimulation.

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