Here is the list of the bright young people I have been fortunate to work with.

PhD students

Antoine Taveneaux
Université Paris 7, 2010-2013, co-advised by Sophie Laplante
Now working at the ACPR
[manuscript (in French)]

Benoit Monin
Université Paris 7, 2011-2014 (co-advised, though not officially, by Noam Greenberg)
Now an assitant professor at Université Paris 12.

Ludovic Patey
Université Paris 7, 2012-2015, co-advised by Hugo Herbelin
Now a postoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley
Ludovic's thesis was awarded the 2nd prize of the Gilles Khan Award of the French Computer Science Society (SIF) in 2016.

Master students

Damien Desfontaines
UMI JV Poncelet (Moscow), 2014, co-advised by Alexander Shen
Now working at Google Inc Zurich.

Paul-Elliot Anglès d'Auriac
Université de Montpellier, 2016
Now a PhD student at Université Paris 12 under the supersivion of Benoit Monin.