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PhD student in team ESCAPE from LIRMM (Montpellier, France), advised by Gwenaël Richomme.

My PhD began in October of 2014 and defense is expected on July of 2017.

E-mail: guilhem.gamard at

Location: LIRMM office 3.167 building 4; 161 rue Ada; 34095 Montpellier CEDEX 5; France.

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Research topics

Words (in one and two dimensions), Tilings, Dynamical systems, Substitutions, Covering problems, Multi-scale structures.

To give you a sample of my interests, there are, among my favorite ideas: Marcus and Monteil's Multi-Scale Quasiperiodicity; and Kari and Culik's Small Aperiodic Tilesets. I also have some interest in programming languages, type systems and operating systems.

My main focus for now is quasiperiodicity.


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Collective tasks

PhD students council. I was the president and treasurer of LIRMM's PhD Students Council (Conseil des doctorants) in 2015/2016. The roles of the council are:

Among other things, this position led me to organize the “integration afternoon” of the I2s doctoral school in 2015/2016 and in 2016/2017; a 24h-hackathon aimed at production of video games called “ProgGame”; and to set up a gardening club and a common room in the laboratory. I also helped to handle some conflicts between some PhD students and other members of the lab.

Feel free to contact conseil-doctorants at (both French and English are understood) if you have a concern with your supervisor or LIRMM's institutions. Ditto if you want to start an initiative (club)…

The new president of the council is Florian Barbero (

Doctiss 2016. I was in the organizing team of Doctiss 2016. Doctiss is a trans-disciplinary yearly conference organized by PhD students from Montpellier's I2S doctoral school. (This covers roughly all PhD students of physics, math and computer science from Montpellier). Please do not confuse Doctiss with SeminDoc, the latter is a bi-weekly seminar of PhD students from my laboratory.

Enseignement (Teaching)

Teaching section. Only available in French.

Étudiants : référez-vous à l'espace pédagogique pour les documents de cours ; contactez-moi par email pour toute question.

Réseaux et communication. UE de M1. Programmation réseau (et outils associés) sous UNIX. Sockets, select, threads, IPC, RPC. Interventions occasionnelles (9h) en 2015/2016 et 2016/2017.

Algorithmes et structures de données linéaires. UE de L2. Fondamentaux d'algorithmique. Tableaux, listes, piles, files, arbres, récursivité. Preuves d'algorithmes par invariant et récurrence. Approche de la complexité. Chargé de TD (18h) et TP (18h) en 2015/2016.

Programmation impérative 1. UE de L1. Programmation en C++ élémentaire : variables, conditionnelles, boucles, fonctions, entrées/sorties, tableaux, pointeurs et structures. Chargé de TD (18h) et TP (18h) en 2014/2015, 2015/2016 et 2016/2017.

Modèles de calcul. UE de L1. Combinatoire des mots, théorie des automates finis, approche de la calculabilité : problème de correspondance de Post, machines de Turing et automates cellulaires. Chargé de TD (36h) en 2014/2015. Co-rédacteur des feuilles de TD avec Anaël Grandjean, sous la supervision de Bruno Durand et Gregory Lafitte.



Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique cum summa laude (mention très bien) at École Normale Supérieure de Paris.


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