Abdoulaye GAMATIE CNRS Senior Researcher


Selected prototype tools

I contributed to the following tools:
  • Holisting embedded system design. MAGPIE is a collaborative framework that targets an easy design evaluation for multicore systems, based on gem5, McPAT and NVSim tools. It is made available to research community as open-source code to which any contribution is welcome for improvements and/or extention.
  • Multicore embedded system simulation. McSim is a set of simulators dedicated to the design of embedded applications described using the AMALTHEA application model on top of manycore architectures.
  • Multiprocessor system-on-chip co-design. Gaspard2 is a codesign model-driven environment for high-performance embedded systems.
  • Formal modeling of a real-time operating system. I defined a library of polychronous component models for the design of avionic applications in Polychrony, based on the avionic APEX-ARINC 653 standard. A presentation of this library is available here.
  • Abstract clock analysis system. Classy is a design analysis tool for MPSoCs. It relies on abstract logical clocks as found in synchronous reactive programming.