My head

Bruno Grenet

Maître de conférences in Computer Science

Université de Montpellier
ECO group — LIRMM

About me

I am a Maître de conférences (approx. Assistant Professor) at Université de Montpellier. I am a member of the ECO group in the LIRMM lab, and of the Computer Science Department of the University.

More information is available in my CV.

About my work

I am working in the field of Theoretical Computer Science, more precisely at the interface between symbolic computation and algebraic complexity theory. I am in particular interested in the study of algorithms on polynomials, and in their representations. My main research subject is currently the factorization of lacunary polynomials. More details on the Research section.

I am teaching Computer Science at Université de Montpellier. I have previously been involved in teaching at École Polytechnique, ÉNS de Lyon and Université Claude Bernard. More details (in French) on the Teaching section.

Contact Information

Phone: (+33) 4 67 14 97 59


Office E2.11
Building 4
St Priest Campus
(access map)

Teachers' office
Building 16
Triolet Campus
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Mailing Address

LIRMM - UMR 5506
161 rue Ada
34 095 Montpellier Cedex 5

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