GKR 2017 @ IJCAI

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Graph-based knowledge representation and reasoning is a growing area of research, with more and more important contributions appearing over the last few years.

Such KRR systems include Bayesian Networks (BNs), Semantic Networks (SNs), Conceptual Graphs (CGs), Formal Concept Analysis (FCA), CP-nets, GAI-nets, Argumentation Graphs, Euler Diagrams, Existential Graphs all of which have been successfully used in a number of applications (Semantic Web, Reccomender Systems, BioInformtics etc.). The goal of this workshop is to bring together the researchers involved in the development and application of graph-based knowledge representation formalisms and reasoning techniques.

This workshop will investigate further developments of knowledge representation and reasoning graph based techniques. The workshop is expected to bring together people from different research communities that are actively pursuing this line of research. We hope that the presentation of different perspectives on employing graphs for representation and reasoning will be mutually enriching and will stimulate further research.

The papers will be judged from two perspectives: technical and application:

* Technical results will include graph theory based results for novel structures for representation, extensions of existing structures for added expressivity, conciseness, optimisation algorithms for reasoning, reasoning explanation mechanisms etc.

* Papers reporting on application experience will be expected to demonstrate the benefits of the proposed solutions.