GKR 2017 @ IJCAI

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Graph-based knowledge representation and reasoning is a growing area of research, with more and more important contributions appearing over the last few years.

This workshop will investigate further developments of knowledge representation and reasonign graph based techniques. The workshop is expected to bring together people from different research communities that are actively pursuing this line of research. We hope that the presentation of different perspectives on employing graphs for representation and reasoning will be mutually enriching and will stimulate further research.


The workshop complements the objectives of the main conference by providing a forum for discussion for researchers interested in knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR), and more specifically for those with an interest in KRR through graph-based operations. As such, the workshop is intended to attract those working in domains within artificial intelligence where applications demand large scale optimisation, as well as those researchers with an interest in knowledge representation, and researchers investigating various aspects of graph theory.