Clement Jonquet's PhD project


Dynamic Service Generation: Agent interactions for service exchange on the Grid



This thesis deals with dynamic service exchange modelling. The notion of service is now at the centre of distributed system development; it plays a key role in their implementation and success. The thesis proposes firstly a reflection about the notion of service and introduces the concept of Dynamic Service Generation (DSG) as a different way to provide and use services in a computer-mediated context: services are dynamically constructed, provided and used by agents (human or artificial) within a community, by means of a conversation. In particular, two major characteristics of DSG are highlighted: an agent and Grid oriented aspect of service exchange. Therefore, the thesis proposes an integration of three research domains in Informatics: Service-Oriented Computing (SOC), Multi-Agents System (MAS) and GRID. The thesis contributions consists of three main aspects: The proposal of (i) a new agent representation and communication model, called STROBE, that enables agents to develop different languages for each agent they communicate with. STROBE agents are able to interpret communication messages and execute services in a given dynamic dedicated conversation context; (ii) a computational abstraction, called i-dialogue (intertwined dialogues) that models multi-agent conversations by means of fundamental constructs of applicative/functional languages (i.e., streams, lazy evaluation and higher-order functions); (iii) a service-oriented GRID-MAS integrated model based on the representation of agent capabilities as Grid services. In this model, concepts of GRID and MAS, relations between them and the rules are semantically described by a set-theory formalization and a common graphical description language, called Agent-Grid Integration Language (AGIL). AGIL integrates the thesis results together by formalizing agent interactions for service exchange on the Grid.

Key words

Service-Oriented Computing (SOC), Multi-Agents System (MAS), GRID, agent
interaction, Web service, Grid service, dynamic service generation.

Download the manuscript

A version of the manuscript (V5) is available here [PDF - 7,08Mo]


Scheduled for Thursday November 16, 2006, at LIRMM (seminary room) with the following jury members:

Michael N. Huhns, Professor, University of South Carolina, USA (reviewer)
Luc Moreau, Professor, University of Southampton, UK (reviewer)
Domenico Talia, Professor, Università della Calabria, Italy (reviewer)
Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni, Professor, Université Paris 6, France (examiner)
Jacques Ferber, Professor, Université Montpellier2, France (examiner)
Jean-Luc Koning, Professor, Inst. Nat. Polytechnique de Grenoble, France (examiner)
Stefano A. Cerri, Professor, Université Montpellier2, France (supervisor)

Download the presentation

The defence slides presented Thursday November 16, 2006 at LIRMM is available here: [PDF file- 2,47Mo].

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