Logic in linguistics:
some issues in the philosophy of language

università delgli studi di verona

Università degli studi di VERONA
Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia


Calendario Lezioni di Linguistica Generale per la specialistica in Linguistica (interfacoltà)
Responsabile: prof. Denis Delfitto (Università degli studi di Verona Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia)
Docente: prof. Christian Retoré (Université Bordeaux 1, LaBRI-CNRS & INRIA) – incentivazione insegnamento in lingua inglese.

Tutte le lezioni si svolgeranno nella Sala Riunioni del dip.to di Filologia, Lett. e Linguistica, Polo Zanotto, III piano.
Martedi: 27 aprile — 4 maggio — 11 maggio: 10:00 / 12:40
Venerdi: 30 aprile — 7 maggio — 14 maggio: 11:50 / 14:30


This lecture can be viewed as a course in mathematical logic for linguists and philosophers — and for computer scientists interested in the modelling of human language. We will therefore focus on the logical methods and structures that have already been successful in linguistics as well as on the ones that are presently considered to be promising. The accent will be on formal semantics (words, sentences, sequences of sentences) and on some issues in the philosophy of language. Although parts of the lecture are advanced, we do not assume any background: prerequisites will be reminded on demand. If the program is too technical and lengthy, some paragraph might be skipped, except from the part on lexical semantics, and the notions it requires, since lexical semantics in a compositonal setting is the main objective of the lecture.

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Lundi 10 Mai, 2010 12:55

Backgound picture: (pale version of) an illustration by Max Ernst of some selected logical and poetic writtings of Lewis Carroll ("Wunderhorn").