Politics - G.A.T.S.

Why a page dedicated to politics? Well, I try to actively participate in the democratical life of the society I live in (France, Europe), to make my opinion by looking carefully at some political questions, and contribute to some debates with my ideas.

Recently, i investigated what the World Trade Organization actually does, especially in the framework of the G.A.T.S. (General Agreement on Trade and Services). It deals with and obviously has a major influence on many human activities (education, health, transportation, etc). I was scared by the difficulty to gather precise information and by the complexity of this agreement. So how can a civilian know if it is good for the society or not? if it agrees with what he thinks the society should be?

After getting this information, i condensed it in a summary and made a web site to objectively inform my fellow citizens (yes, it might be you) about what the G.A.T.S. is. In a second (and well delimited) part of this site, I wrote some comments that reflect my personal opinion. Look at it by yourself:


It is in French; i would like to make an English, a German and/or a Spanish version of it, but have little time to do it at the moment. May be the comments of interested readers will help me to find it.

Eric Rivals, 2004
This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.