Ignasi Sau - Supervised students

09/2014-09/2017 Julien Baste Ph.D, together with Dimitrios M. Thilikos Treewidth: algorithmic, combinatorial and practical aspects

10/2012-07/2016 Valentin Garnero Ph.D, together with Christophe Paul (Méta)-noyaux constructifs et linéaires dans les graphes peu denses

02/2014-07/2014 Henri Perret du Cray Internship M2 FPT algorithms and kernels on graphs without induced subgraphs

02/2013-07/2013 Julien Baste Internship M2 The role of planarity in connectivity problems parameterized by treewidth

03/2012-08/2012 Valentin Garnero Internship M2 Polynomial kernels for variants of domination problems on planar graphs

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