PhD student

Member of the GraphIK (Graphs for Inferences on Knowledge) at LIRMM.

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Research Themes

Argumentation, Knowledge Representation, Logical and Graph-based KR formalisms.



2016-Now: PhD in GraphIK team.
2014-2016: Master's degree in Theoretical Computer Sciences.
2011-2014: Bachelor's degree in Mathematics.



Sports: Hiking, running.
Readings: Science fiction, Scientific documents.
Others: Photography.

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Scientific Works

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2018-2019: Object-Oriented Programming. (Tutorials can be found on Github).

2017-2018: Introduction to Ergonomics. (Courses 1, 2)

2017-2018: Databases at IUT. (Courses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

2016-2017: Human Machine Interaction at IUT. The Courses can be found on this website

2012-2014: Internship as a teacher apprentice (EAP), Nevers High School

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Other Activities

Participation to the Face to Face meeting of the ReEnTrust project (05/06/2019) at the Informatics Forum, Edinburgh. [slides]

Participation to the 2019 annual GraphIK seminar (17/12/2018) at the Grand Hôtel du Midi, Montpellier. [slides]

Participation to the 3rd Summer School on Argumentation: Computational and Linguistic Perspectives (from 06/09/2018 to 10/09/2018) at the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. Best SSA 2018 paper award for presenting "How Can You Mend A Broken Inconsistent KB in Existential Rules Using Argumentation".

Participation to the 26th Doctiss at the St Priest Campus, Montpellier, France (15/06/2018).

Oral presentation about the Pack4Fresh project, for the UMR IATE meeting, at Le Grand Arbre restaurant in Montpellier, France (18/05/2018). [slides]

Visit of the CRIL for the APOLONIO (PEPS Project), from 01/04/2018 to 06/04/2018, at the Artois University in Lens, France.

Visit of the CRIL for the GDR IA Project, from 11/12/2017 to 15/12/2017, at the Artois University in Lens, France.

Participation in the third edition of the workshop on Belief Revision, Argumentation, Ontologies, and Norms (BRAON 2017), from 16/11/2017 to 20/11/2017, at the Monte Mar Palace in Madeira, Portugal. [slides]

Poster presentation for the Sixteenth International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA 2017), from 26/10/2017 to 28/10/2017, at the Woburn House in London, UK.

Oral presentation for the 10th Meeting of the AMANDES Project, from 09/10/2017 to 11/10/2017, at the University of Paris Descartes, France.

Poster presentation for the 25th Anniversary of the LIRMM at the Château d'Ô Domain of Montpellier, France (28/09/2017).

Participation to the Third Nordic Logic Summer School (from 07/08/2017 to 11/08/2017) at the Department of Mathematics of Stockholm, Sweden.

Organiser of the 25th Doctiss at the St Priest Campus, Montpellier, France (29/06/2017).

Organizing member of the 30th International Workshop on Description Logics, Montpellier, France (18/07/2017 to 21/07/2017).

AAMAS 2017 Conference at Sao Paulo - (Student scholarship) from 08/05/2017 to 12/05/2017.

Module ED: Statistique pour expérimentateurs du 03/04/2017 au 07/04/2017.

Workshop - Intégration de données, connaissances et modèles. Atelier Protégé et Atelier Argumentation (2016).