12 months postdoc position at LIRMM (Univ. de Montpellier 2, France), in the AlGCo Group, starting September 2011 or earlier. The pay net is around 2000 euros per month.

The postdoc will work in one of the topics of the GraToS Project (Graphs through Topological Structures), which include :

  • Study of graphs (or cellular complexes) admitting particular embeddings (Embeddable into some surface {$S$}, Linkless or Knotless embeddable).
  • Study of the graphs defined by intersection of geometrical objects (like disk or segment graphs).
  • Study of the graphs (or cellular complexes) defined by their incidence poset (in particular by their Dushnik-Miller dimension); and the study of the related combinatorial structures, like Schnyder woods.
  • Study of the graph parameters {$\mu$} and {$\sigma$}, respectively introduced by Y. Colin de Verdière and by H. van der Holst and R. Pendavingh.

For more Information or Application :

Applications should contain a cv and a short cover letter, and should be send prior to the 8th of may.

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