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Towards new interactions between mathematics and computer science


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Thematic month

The five weeks

Math Info 2010

Welcome to the website dedicated to the thematic semester Towards new interactions between mathematics and computer science, to be held at CIRM (Marseille) between February and July 2010.

1.  Invited seminars

During the thematic semester three seminars are organized by three long-term invited researchers:

2.  Thematic month

The main event of the semester is a session consisting of five weeks, from February 1st to March 6th. Each week is devoted to a specific theme. We have tried to order these themes so that participants can not only attend the week they might be considered specialists of, but also a consecutive week (or more), where they are merely amateur.

The five weeks roughly follow the same model:

  • the mornings are devoted to lectures (around three lectures of four hours each for the whole week), given by renowned researchers;
  • the afternoons will be more informal, with the possibility for the participants to propose working sessions, promoting fruitful discussions between participants. Your active participation is therefore needed for choosing the topics of those sessions! Those sessions may also include an introducing talk to the topic of the workshop and few shorts talks given by young researchers or PhD students.
  • the evenings could be devoted to exercise sessions or to further questions to the lecturers of the morning.

There is no registration fee.

The themes of the five weeks are the following, they are also accessible through the left column of this page:

3.  Other conferences at CIRM

The thematic month will be followed by some conferences of related interest at CIRM:


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