Escaping the SIMD vs. MIMD mindset: a new class of hybrid microarchitectures between GPUs and CPUs

Par Collange Sylvain (Università degli Studi di Siena, Italia) le 2011-12-15

Software for squaring floats on ST231: a case study in bringing floating-point to VLIW integer processors

Par Jourdan-Lu Jingyan (LIP-ENS Lyon/ST Microelectronics) le 2011-11-24

Accelerating Denovo Peptide Spectrum Matching Using FPGA's

Par Dandass Yoginder S. (Mississippi State University, MS, USA) le 2011-07-12

Practical program verification for the working programmer with CodeContracts and Abstract Interpretation

Par Logozzo Francesco (Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA, USA) le 2011-06-29

A Decremental Analysis Tool for Fine-Grained Bottleneck Detection

Par Petit Eric (Exascale Computing Research Center, Performance Evaluation Team, Versailles) le 2011-04-20

Modified algorithms for accurate floating-point summation

Par Ogita Takeshi (Division of Mathematical Sciences, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Japan) le 2011-02-24

PerPI: a tool to measure, observe and analyze the ILP present in a code

Par Goossens Bernard (DALI, Univ. de Perpignan Via Domitia - LIRMM) le 2011-02-17