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SYSTEM DEMOS Accepted papers

- AGENTFLY: Multi-Agent Simulation of Air-Traffic Management
David Sislak, Premysl Volf, Dusan Pavlıcek and Michal Pechoucek

- Designing KDD-Workflows via HTN-Planning
Jörg-Uwe Kietz1 and Floarea Serban and Abraham Bernstein and Simon

- WantEat: interacting with social networks of smart objects for sharing
cultural heritage and supporting sustainability
L. Console and G. Biamino and F. Carmagnola and F. Cena and E.
Chiabrando and R. Furnari and C. Gena and P. Grillo and S. Likavec and
I. Lombardi and M. Mioli and C. Picardi and D. Theseider Dupré and
F.Vernero and R.Simeoni and F.Antonelli and V.Cuciti and M.Demichelis
and F. Franceschi and M. Geymonat and A. Marcengo and D. Mana and M.
Mirabelli and M. Perrero and A. Rapp and F. Fassio and P. Grimaldi and
F. Torta

- Confidence: Ubiquitous Care System to Support Independent Living
Mitja Luštrek and Boštjan Kaluža and Božidara Cvetković and Erik
Dovgan and Hristijan Gjoreski and Violeta Mirchevska and Matjaž Gams

- An Infrastructure for Human Inclusion in MAS
Pablo Almajano and Tomas Trescak and Inmaculada Rodriguez and Maite

- Autonomous construction with a mobile robot in a resource-limited
environment: a demonstration of the integration of perception, planning
and action.
Stéphane Magnenat, Alexey Gribovskiy and Francesco Mondada

- WissKI: A Virtual Research Environment for Cultural Heritage
Martin Scholz and Guenther Goerz

Mo.Di.Bot – Mobile Diagnostic Robot
Cristina Cristalli and Giacomo Angione and Luca Lattanzi and Birgit Graf
and Florian Weisshardt and Georg Arbeiter

- Training Crisis Managers with PANDORA
Liz Bacon, Amedeo Cesta, Luca Coraci, Gabriella Cortellessa Riccardo De
Benedictis , Sara Grilli, Jure Polutnik and Keith Strickland

Metaheuristic Aided Software Features Assembly
José delS agrado and Isabel M. del Aguila and Francisco J. Orellana

- FlowOpt: Bridging the Gap Between Optimization Technology and
Manufacturing Planners
Roman Barták, Milan Jaška, Ladislav Novák, Vladimír Rovenský,
Tomáš Skalický, Martin Cully, Con Sheahan, Dang Thanh-Tung