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Accepted long papers:

11 ExpExpExplosion: Uniform Interpolation in General EL Terminologies,
Nikitina, Nadeschda and Rudolph, Sebastian

14 A Bayesian Multiple Kernel Learning Framework for Single and Multiple Output Regression,

16 Compression-based AODE Classifiers,
Corani, Giorgio and Antonucci, Alessandro and  de Rosa, Rocco

28  Here, There, but Not Everywhere: An Extended Framework for Qualitative Constraint Satisfaction,
Liu, Weiming and Li, Sanjiang

35 Logic-based Benders Decomposition for Alternative Resource Scheduling with Sequence-Dependent Setups,
Tran,Tony and Beck,J. Christopher

37 Improving Local Search for Random 3-SAT Using Quantitative Configuration Checking,
Luo, Chuan and Su, Kaile and Cai, Shaowei

40 Weighted Manipulation for Four-Candidate Llull Is Easy,
Faliszewksi, Piotr and Hemaspaandra, Edith and Schnoor, Henning

42 On the Link between Argumentation Extensions and Maximal Consistent Sets,
Vesic, Srdjan

45 What Does it Take to Enforce an Argument? Minimal Change in Abstract Argumentation,
Ringo, Baumann

47 Improving Local Decisions in Adversarial Search,
Wilson,Brandon  and Inon,Zuckerman and Parker,Austin and Nau,Dana  

53 SAT vs. Search for Qualitative Temporal Reasoning,
Huang, Jinbo

54 Coordinated Exploration with a Shared Goal in Costly Environments,
Rochlin,Igor and Sarne,David and Laifenfeld,Moshe

67 Spectrum Enhanced Dynamic Slicing for better Fault Localization,
Hofer,Birgit and Wotawa,Franz

74 Implementing and Evaluating Provers for First-order Modal Logics,
Benzmueller,Christoph and Otten,Jens  Raths,Thomas

85 Preferring Properly: Increasing Coverage while Maintaining Quality in Anytime Temporal Planning,

87 A Reinforcement-Learning Algorithm for Sampling Design in Markov Random Fields,
Bonneau, Mathieu and Peyrard, Nathalie and Sabbadin, Régis

91 Bounded single-peaked width and proportional representation,
Cornaz,Denis and Galand,Lucie and Spanjaard,Olivier

95 Online Voter Control in Sequential Elections,
Hemaspaandra, Edith and Hemaspaandra, Lane and Rothe,Joerg

100 Multiple-Outcome Proof Number Search,
Saffidine, Abdallah and Cazenave, Tristan

108  Deciding Membership in a Class of Polyhedra,
Ruggieri, Salvatore

110 Large-scale Interactive Ontology Matching: Algorithms and Implementation,
Jimenez Ruiz, Ernesto and Cuenca Grau, Bernardo and Zhou,Yujiao and Horrocks, Ian

111 Conservative Social Laws,
√Ögotnes, Thomas and Van der Hoek, Wiebe and Wooldridge, Michael

117 Disambiguating Road Names in Text Route Descriptions using Exact-All-Hop Shortest Path Algorithm,
Zhang, Xiao and Qiu,Baojun and Mitra, Prasenjit  and Xu, Sen and Klippel, Alexander and MacEachren, Alan

118 Choosing Combinatorial Social Choice by Heuristic Search,
Minyi,Li and Vo,Bao

131 Process Discovery via Precedence Constraints,
Greco,Gianluigi and Guzzo,Antonella and Pontieri,Luigi

138 Interval Temporal Logics over Finite Linear Orders: the Complete Picture,
Bresolin, Davide  and Della Monica, Dario and Montanari, Angelo and Sala, Pietro and Sciavicco, Guido

144 Delegating Decisions in Strategic Settings,
Wooldridge, Michael and Kraus, Sarit

149 Joint Assessment and Restoration of Power Systems,
Van Hentenryck, Pascal and Gillani, Nabeel N, and Coffrin, Carleton

158 Almost-truthful Mechanisms for Fair Social Choice Functions,
Lesca, Julien and Perny, Patrice

159 Nearness Rules and Scaled Proximity,
Oezcep, Oezguer  and Gruetter, Rolf and Moeller, Ralf

164 An efficient and adaptive approach to negotiation in complex environments,
Chen, Siqi and Weiss, Gerhard

166 Optimizations for the Boolean Approach to Computing Minimal Hitting Sets,
Pill, Ingo and Quaritsch, Thomas

175 Macros, Reactive Plans and Compact Representations,
Bäckström, Christer and Jonsson, Anders and Jonsson, Peter

185 Fair Division of Indivisible Goods under Risk,
Lumet, Charles and Bouveret, Sylvain and Lemaître, Michel

187 From Macro Plans to Automata Plans,
Bäckström, Christer and Jonsson, Anders and Jonsson, Peter

198 Efficient Reasoning in Multiagent Epistemic Logics,
Lakemeyer, Gerhard and Lesperance, Yves

203 Approximate Tradeoffs on Matroids,
Gourves,Laurent and Monnot, Jerome and Tlilane, Lydia

204 A Ranking Semantics for First-Order Conditionals,
Kern-Isberner, Gabriele and Thimm, Matthias

210 A Study of Local Minimum Avoidance Heuristics for SAT,
Duong, Thach-Thao and Pham, Duc-Nghia and Sattar,Abdul

211 A New Approach to the Snake-In-The-Box Problem,
Kinny, David

215 Improving Video Activity Recognition using Object Recognition and Text Mining,
Motwani, Tanvi and Mooney,Raymond

221 Partial Cooperation in Multi-agent Local Search,
Grubshtein, Alon and Zivan, Roie,  and Meisels, Amnon

222 Engineering Efficient Planners with SAT,
Rintanen, Jussi

223 Markov Constraints for Generating Lyrics with Style,
Barbieri, Gabriele and  Pachet, Fran√ßois and Roy, Pierre  and Degli Esposti, Mirko

233 Strategic and Epistemic Reasoning for the Game Description Language GDL-II,
Ruan, Ji and  Thielscher, Michael

236 Combining Voting Rules Together,
Naroditskaya, Nina and Walsh, Toby and Xia, Lirong

240 Comparator selection for RPC with many labels,
Hiard, Samuel and Geurts, Pierre and Wehenkel, Louis

245 Hard and Easy k-Typed Compact Coalitional Games: The Knowledge of Player Types Marks the Boundary,
Greco, Gianluigi and Malizia,Enrico and Palopoli, Luigi and Scarcello,Francesco

250 Solving Raven's IQ-tests: An AI and Cognitive Modeling Approach,
Ragni, Marco and Neubert, Stefanie

253 A Protocol Based on a Game-Theoretic Dilemma to Prevent Malicious Coalitions in Reputation Systems,
Bonnet, Gregory

255 Justifying Dominating Options when Preferential Information is Incomplete,
Labreuche, Christophe and Maudet, Nicolas  and Ouerdane, Wassila

259 Large-scale Parallel Stratified Defeasible Reasoning,
Tachmazidis, Ilias and  Antoniou, Grigoris and Flouris, Giorgos and Kotoulas, Spyros and McCluskey, Lee

264 Updating inconsistent Description Logic knowledge bases,
Lenzerini, Maurizio and Savo, Domenico Fabio

271 Efficient Crowdsourcing of Unknown Experts using Multi-Armed Bandits,
Tran-Thanh,Long and Stein, Sebastian and Rogers, Alex and Jennings, Nicholas

273 A Probabilistic Semantics for Abstract Argumentation,
Thimm, Matthias

274 Efficient Norm Emergence through Experiential Dynamic Punishment,
Mahmoud, Samhar and Luck, Michael and Keppens, Jeroen  and Griffiths, Nathan

279 Using Learning to Rank Approach for Parallel Corpora Based Cross Language Information Retrieval
Azarbonyad, Hosein and Shakery, Azadeh and Faili, Heshaam

281 Width and Serialization of Classical Planning Problems,
Lipovetzky, Nir and Geffner, Hector

286 Hybrid Regression-Classification Models for Algorithm Selection,
Kotthoff, Lars

287 An empirical study of argumentation schemes for deliberative dialogue,
Toniolo, Alice and Norman, Timothy J and Sycara, Katia

296 Propositional Planning as  Optimization,
Dimopoulos, Yannis and Sideris, Andreas

297 Heuristically Accelerated Reinforcement Learning: Theoretical and Experimental Results,
Bianchi, Reinaldo and Ribeiro, Carlos and Costa, Anna H R

299 Adversarial Label Flips Attack on Support Vector Machines,
Xiao, Han and Xiao, Huang and  Eckert, Claudia

301 LoCo - A Logic for Configuration Problems,
Aschinger, Markus and Drescher, Conrad and Vollmer, Heribert

309 An O(n log n) BC Algorithm for the Conjunction of an alldifferent and a linear inequality
Beldiceanu, Nicolas and Carlsson, Mats and Petit, Thierry and Régin, Jean-Charles

310 Planning as Quantified Boolean Formula,
Cashmore, Michael and Fox, Maria and Giunchiglia, Enrico

321 Natural Language Arguments: A Combined Approach,
Cabrio, Elena and Villata, Serena

322 Three-valued possibilistic networks,
Tabia, Karim and Benferhat, Salem

326 Ideal Point Guided Iterative Deepening,
Coego, Javier and Mandow, Lawrence and Perez-de-la-Cruz, Jose Luis

332 Exploiting Expert Knowledge in Factored POMDPs,
Müller, Felix and Späth, Christian and Geier, Thomas and Biundo, Susanne

333 Diagnosing Delays in Multi-Agent Plans Execution,
Micalizio, Roberto and Torta, Gianluca

336 Argumentation-Based Reinforcement Learning for RoboCup Soccer Keepaway,
Gao, Yang and Toni, Francesca and Craven, Robert

338 Multi-unit Auctions with a Stochastic Number of Asymmetric Bidders,
Vetsikas, Ioannis and Stein, Sebastian and Jennings, Nicholas

353 DL-Lite with Attributes and Datatypes,
Artale, Alessandro and Kontchakov, Roman and Ryzhikov, Vladislav

355 Routing for continuous monitoring by multiple micro UAVs in disaster scenarios,
Mersheeva, Vera and Friedrich, Gerhard

357 Detecting Human Patterns in Laser Range Data,
Varvadoukas, Theodoros and Giotis, Ioannis and Konstantopoulos, Stasinos

358 Fixed-Parameter Algorithms for Closed World Reasoning,
Lackner, Martin and Pfandler, Andreas

360 Decision-making with Sugeno integrals: DMU vs. MCDM,
Couceiro, Miguel and Dubois, Didier and Prade, Henri and Waldhauser, Tamas

367 Case-based Planning for Problems with Real-valued Fluents: Kernel Functions for Plan Retrieval,
Gerevini, Alfonso and Saetti, Alessandro and Serina, Ivan

368 Importance-based Semantics of Polynomial Comparative Preference Inference,
Wilson, Nic

374 Planning with Semantic Attachments: An Object-Oriented View,
Hertle, Andreas and Dornhege, Christian and  Keller, Thomas and Nebel, Bernhard

381 Negotiating Concurrently with Unknown Opponents in Complex, Real-Time Domains,
Williams, Colin and Robu, Valentin and Gerding, Enrico and Jennings, Nicholas

382 Complexity of Branching Temporal Description Logics,
Gutierrez-Basulto, Victor and Jung, Jean Christoph and Lutz, Carsten

383 An approach to multi-agent planning with incomplete information,
Torreòo, Alejandro and Onaindia, Eva and Sapena, Scar

384 Reconciling OWL and Non-monotonic Rules for the Semantic Web,
Knorr, Matthias and Hitzler, Pascal and Maier, Frederick

389 Characterization of Positive and Negative Information in Comparative Preference Representation,
Kaci, Souhila

390 Guiding User Choice During Discussion by Silence, Examples and Justifications,
Fenster, Maier and Inon, Zuckerman and Kraus, Sarit

393 Agent Strategies for ABA-based Information-seeking and Inquiry Dialogues,
Fan, Xiuyi and Toni, Francesca

397 Preference Extraction From Negotiation Dialogues,
Cadilhac, Anaôs and Asher, Nicholas and Benamara, Farah and Popescu, Vladimir and Seck, Mohamadou

398 Complexity of Conditional Planning under Partial Observability and Infinite Executions,
Rintanen, Jussi

401 Context-Aware Access Control for RDF Graph Stores,
Costabello, Luca and Villata, Serena and Gandon, Fabien

404 Hierarchical and Overlapping Co-Clustering of mRNA:miRNA Interactions,
Pio, Gianvito and Ceci, Michelangelo and Loglisci, Corrado and D'Elia, Domenica and Malerba, Donato

405 Opportunistic Branched Plans to Maximise Utility in the Presence of Resource Uncertainty,
Coles, Amanda

409 Trust-based Solution for Robust Self-configuration of Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems,
Bartos, Karel and Rehak, Martin

413 Inconsistency Measurement based on Variables in Minimal Unsatisfiable Subsets,
Xiao, Guohui and Ma, Yue

422 Combining Bootstrapping and Feature Selection for Improving a Distributional Thesaurus,
Ferret, Olivier

428 Extending Set-Based Dualization: Application to Pattern Mining,
Petit, Jean-Marc and Nourine, Lhouari

431 Inconsistency Handling in Datalog+/- Ontologies,
Lukasiewicz, Thomas and Martinez, Maria Vanina and Simari, Gerardo I

439 Finding and Proving the Optimum: Cooperative Stochastic and Deterministic Search,
Alliot, Jean-Marc and Durand, Nicolas and Gianazza, David and Gotteland, Jean-Baptiste

445 Tunneling and Decomposition-Based State Reduction for Optimal Planning,
Nissim, Raz and Apsel, Udi  and Brafman, Ronen

446 An Analysis of Chaining in Multi-Label Classification,
Dembczynski, Krzysztof Jerzy and Waegeman, Willem and Hüllermeier, Eyke

449 Relation Mining in the Biomedical Domain using Entity-level Semantics,
Tymoshenko, Kateryna and Somasundaran, Swapna and Prabhakaran, Vinodkumar and Shet, Vinay

456 Hybrid Possibilistic Conditioning for Revision under Weighted Inputs,
Benferhat, Salem and da Costa Pereira, Cèlia and Tettamanzi, Andrea G. B.

457 Learning to Play Simplified Boardgames by Observing,
Bjornsson, Yngvi

462 Towards a complete classical music companion,
Arzt, Andreas and Widmer, Gerhard and Böck, Sebastian and Sonnleitner, Reinhard and Frostel, Harald

463 Ordinal Decision Models for Markov Decision Processes,
Weng, Paul

464 Sample-Based Policy Iteration for Constrained DEC-POMDPs,
Wu, Feng and Jennings, Nicholas and Chen, Xiaoping

465 On Exploiting Structures of Classical Planning Problems: Generalizing Entanglements,
Chrpa, Lukas and McCluskey, Lee

472 On computing correct processes and repairs using partial behavioral models,
Mayer, Wolfgang and Friedrich, Gerhard and Stumptner, Markus

477 Concepts, Agents, and Coalitions in Alternating Time,
Jamroga, Wojtek

479 Creating Features from a Learned Grammar in a Simulated Student,
Li, Nan and Schreiber, Abraham and Cohen, William W. and Koedinger, Kenneth R.

480 Path-Constrained MDPs: bridging the gap between probabilistic model-checking and MDP planning,
Teichteil-Königsbuch, Florent

482 Knowledge-Based Programs as Plans:  The Complexity of Plan Verification,
Lang, Jérôme and Zanuttini, Bruno

490 The Possible Winner Problem with Uncertain Weight,
Baumeister, Dorothea and Roos, Magnus and Rothe, Joerg and Schend, Lena and Xia, Lirong

493 Symbolic A* Search with Pattern Databases and the Merge-and-Shrink Abstraction,  
Edelkamp, Stefan and Kissmann, Peter and Torralba, Alvaro

495 Self-Assessing Agents for Explaining Language Change: A Case Study in German,
van Trijp, Remi

498 A Path-Optimal GAC Algorithm for Table Constraints,
Lecoutre, Christophe and Likitvivatanavong, Chavalit and  Yap, Roland

500 Symmetries in Itemset Mining,
Jabbour, Said and Sais, Lakhdar and Salhi, Yakoub and Tabia, Karim

501 Representing Value Functions with Recurrent Binary Decision Diagrams,
Beck ,Daniel and Lakemeyer, Gerhard

508 A Robust Approach to Addressing Human Adversaries in Security Games,
Pita, James and John, Richard and Maheswaran, Rajiv and Tambe, Milind and Kraus, Sarit

510 A SAT-Based Approach for Discovering Frequent, Closed and Maximal Patterns in a Sequence,
Coquery, Emmanuel and Jabboour, Said  and Sais, Lakhdar and Salhi , Yakoub

511 Combining DRA and CYC into a Network Friendly Calculus,
Chipofya, Malumbo

518 Discovering Cross-language Links in Wikipedia through Semantic Relatedness,
Penta, Antonio and Quercini, Gianluca Vittorio and Reynaud, Chantal and Shadbolt, Nigel

519 ArvandHerd: Parallel Planning with a Portfolio,
Valenzano, Richard and Nakhost, Hootan and Müller, Martin and Schaeffer, Jonathan and Sturtevant, Nathan

524 Convex Solutions of RCC8 Networks,
Schockaert, Steven and Li, Sanjiang

526 Verification of Description Logic Knowledge and Action Bases,
Bagheri Hariri, Babak and Calvanese, Diego and De Giacomo, Giuseppe and De Masellis, Riccardo and Felli, Paolo  and Montali, Marco

535 Synonymy Extraction From Semantic Networks Using String and Graph Kernel Methods,
vor der Brück, Tim and Wang, Yu-Fang

540 Iterative Algorithm for Solving Two-player Zero-sum Extensive-form Games with Imperfect Information,
Bosansky, Branislav and Kiekintveld, Christopher and Lisy, Viliam and Pechoucek, Michal

546 When intelligence is just a matter of copying,
Richard, Gilles and Prade, Henri and Correa, William Fernando

547 Institutionalised Paxos Consensus,
Sanderson, David and Pitt, Jeremy

548 Multirelational Consensus Clustering with Nonnegative Decompositions,
Liviu, Badea

551 An Anytime Algorithm for Finding the epsilon-Core in Nontransferable Utility Coalitional Games,
Greg, Hines and Rahwan, Talal and Jennings, Nicholas

553 Game-theoretic Approach to Adversarial Plan Recognition,
Lisy, Viliam and Píbil, Radek and Stiborek, Jan and Bosansky, Branislav and Pechoucek, Michal

557 Towards Generalizing the Success of Monte-Carlo Tree Search beyond the Game of Go,
Gusmão, António and Raiko, Tapani

567 Speeding Up 2-way Number Partitioning,
Cerquides, Jesus and Meseguer, Pedro

570 Multi-unit Double Auction under Group Buying,
Zhao, Dengji and Zhang, Dongmo and Perrussel, Laurent

576 Enhancing predictability of schedules by task grouping,
Wilson, Michel and Witteveen, Cees and Huisman, Bob

577 Nested Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Online Planning in Large MDPs,
Baier, Hendrik and Winands, Mark H. M.

583 Introducing Datatypes in DL-Lite,
Ognjen, Savkovic and Calvanese, Diego

585 Best Reply Dynamics for scoring rules,
Reyhani, Reyhaneh and Wilson, Mark


Accepted short papers:

44 An Alternative Eager Encoding of the All-Different Constraint over Bit-Vectors,
Surynek, Pavel

46 VOI-aware MCTS,
Tolpin, David and Shimony, Solomon Eyal

62 Implementation of Critical Path Heuristics for SAT,
Huang, Jinbo

63 Ontologising Semantic Relations into a Relationless Thesaurus,
Gonçalo Oliveira, Hugo and Gomes, Paulo

78 Controlling Candidate-Sequential Elections,
Hemaspaandra, Edith and Hemaspaandra, Lane and Rothe, Joerg

80 Intermediary Local Consistencies,
Petit, Thierry

109 Probabilistic Path-Disruption Games,
Rey, Anja and Rothe, Joerg

114 Preemption Operators,
Besnard, Philippe and Grégoire, Eric and Ramon,Sébastien

197 An Adaptive Clustering Model that Integrates Expert Rules and N-gram Statistics for Coreference,
Bunescu, Razvan

246 CAKES: Cross-lingual Wikipedia Knowledge Enrichment and Summarization,
Fionda, Valeria and Pirr ,Giuseppe

276 Reasoning with Fuzzy-EL+ Ontologies Using MapReduce,
Zhou, Zhangquan and Qi, Guilin and Liu, Chang and Hitzler, Pascal and Mutharaju, Raghava

334 A Novel Way to Connect BnB-ADOPT+ with Soft AC,
Gutierrez, Patricia and Meseguer, Pedro

361 On Partitioning for Maximum Satisfiability,
Martins, Ruben and Manquinho, Vasco and ,Lynce,Inís

376 Evolutionary Clustering on CUDA,
Kromer, Pavel and Platos, Jan and Snasel, Vaclav

459 The Consistency of Majority Rule,
Porello, Daniele

470 Practical Reformulations With Table Constraints,
Lhomme, Olivier

471 A Stubborn Set Algorithm for Optimal Planning,
Alkhazraji, Yusra and Wehrle, Martin and Mattmueller, Robert and Helmert, Malte

517 Mining Extremes: Severe Rainfall and Climate Change,
Das, Debasish and Kodra, Evan and Obradovic, Zoran and Ganguly, Auroop

542 Approximation of Steiner Minimum Trees in Planar Graphs Using Euclidian Steiner Minimum Trees,
Zenker, Bjoern

545 Advances in Distributed Branch and Bound,
Otten, Lars and Dechter, Rina

549 Reasoning for Agreement Technologies,
Boella, Guido and Van der Torre, Leon

571 Towards a Declarative Spatial Reasoning System,
Schultz, Carl and Bhatt, Mehul