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Doctoral Symposium Programme

The doctoral symposium will be held in Polytech'Montpellier in conjunction with the three co-located conferences (ECMFA, ECOOP and ECSA) on Monday and Tuesday 1-2 July 2013.

Registration/Check-in starts at 7:15am in the same building.

The doctoral symposium will take place in room: TD015.

Monday, 1st July 2013:

  • 14h-15h30 : PhD Students Worshop session "Model-Driven Development"
    • Vlad Acretoaie. Delivering the Next Generation of Model Transformation Languages and Tools pdf ico
    • Erwan Bousse. Combining Verification and Validation techniques pdf ico
    • Michel Dirix. Awareness in Computer-Supported Collaborative Modelling. Application to GenMyModel pdf ico
  • 15h30-16h : coffee break
  • 16h-17h30 : PhD Students Worshop session "Software Product Lines"
    • José Miguel Horcas Aguilera. Modeling of Quality Attributes using an Aspect-Oriented Software-Product Line Approach pdf ico
    • Hamzeh Eyal-Salman. Toward Reengineering Legacy Software Variants into Software Product Line: Feature-to-Code Traceability pdf ico
    • Ra'Fat Al-Msie'Deen. Mining Feature Models from the Object-Oriented Source Code of a Collection of Software Product Variants pdf ico

Tuesday, 2nd July 2013:

  • 9h-10h30 : Doctoral Symposium
    • Janina Voigt. Dynamic Alias Protection with Aliasing Contracts pdf ico
    • Thanh Liem Phan. Modelling and verification techniques for incremental development of UML architectures pdf ico
  • 10h30-11h : coffee break
  • 11h-12h15 : PhD Students Worshop session: "Software Architecture and Executable Models"
    • Everton Cavalcante. Architecture-Driven Engineering of Cloud-Based Applications pdf ico
    • Pierre Samson. Adaptation of an Executed Model and its Application to State Machines pdf ico
  • 12h15-14h lunch