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Scientific College

The Scientific College is the advisory body which provides its expertise in all of LABEX’s scientific affairs. It is composed of external scientific experts or business people selected on the basis of their international reputation or business experience and network. The SC is composed of:

•       Pr. Alain Denise (Professor, University of Paris Sud)

•       Dr. Bernard Dieny (Research Director, SPINTEC, University of Grenoble, CEA)

•       Pr. Bertrand Fourcade (Professor, LiPhy, Université of Grenoble) – Chair of the SC

•       Dr. Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau (Research Director, INRIA)

•       Dr. Georges Hebrail (Senior Researche, EDF)

•       Hervé Maillotte (Professor, Femto-ST, Université de Franche Comté)

•       Michel Paindavoine (Professor, LEAD, Université de Bourgogne)

•       Éric Renard (Professor, CHU Montpellier)

•       Anne Renault (Scientific Director IFREMER)

•       Pierre-Louis Xech (Deputy Director of the Microsoft Research-Inria)