11 Octobre 2013, LIRMM, Faraz Zaidi, Post-Doc Researcher, Université de Lausanne, Jeudi


Vendredi 11 Octobre 2013, LIRMM

Faraz Zaidi, Post-Doc Researcher, Université de Lausanne



Title:    Multiplex Networks; Research Perspectives for Mining and Analysis of Complex Networks


Researchers in the recent years have developed a keen interest in Multiplex Networks. These networks appear in a wide variety of fields such as transportations networks, economic networks      and biological networks. In this talk, we explore a spatio-economic network which studies geolocalization in the perspective of cities specializing in specific economic areas. We also briefly explain how different ways of modeling and structuring these networks can help in different data mining activities such as influence propagation, network robustness and discovering community structures.


Bio: Faraz Zaidi is currently a Post Doctoral researcher at the University of Lausanne since June 2013. He holds a permanent position at KIET as an Assistant Professor since January 2011. He did       his PhD from University of Bordeaux in 2010, where he worked on the structure and analysis of Complex Networks. He did one of his masters in University of Montpellier 2 with the specialty       Algorithms, Complexity and Networks in 2007, another masters in Software Engineering from MAJU, Pakistan and his bachelors in Computer Science in 1998.

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