Lundi 21 Octobre 2013, LIRMM, Gabriella Pasi, Associate Professor, University of Milano Bicocca.

Title : The role of context in information retrieval
Abstract : To overcome the “one size fits all” behaviour of most search engines, in recent years a great deal of research has addressed the problem of defining techniques aimed at tailoring the search outcome to the user context in order to improve the quality of search. The main idea is to produce context-dependent and user-tailored search results. Search tasks are subjective and often complex. The user-system interaction, based on keyword-based querying and on the presentation of search results as a list of web pages ordered according to their estimated relevance, is often unsatisfactory. This lecture will present an overview of the main issues related to contextual search.
Bio : Gabriella Pasi received a PhD in Computer Science at the Université de Rennes, France. She has been working at the National Council of Research in Italy till 2005. Actually she is Associate Professor at the University of Milano Bicocca, Milano, Italy, where she leads the Information Retrieval Research Laboratory. Her research mainly focuses on modelling and development of techniques for flexible and personalised/contextual access to information, and on the problem of aggregation in search. She served as the Program Chair of several international conferences and workshops related to her research areas, and she has been the chair or co-chair of several International events among which the IEEE / WIC / ACM Intenational Joint Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, 15-18 September 2009, Milano, the PhD School on Web Information Retrieval (WebBar 2007), the Seventh International Conference on Flexible Query Answering Systems (FQAS 2006), the European Summer school in Information Retrieval (ESSIR 2000), and the annual track “Information Access and Retrieval” within the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. She has published more than 180 papers on International Journals and Books, and on the Proceeding of International Conferences, and she is member of the Editorial Board of the several International Journals. Since September 2013 she is the president of the European Association of Fuzzy Logic and Technologies.

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