Vendredi 29 Octobre 2013, LIRMM, Gloria Bordogna, CNR Senior Research, Italy. Vendredi

Vendredi 29 Octobre 2013, LIRMM

Gloria Bordogna, CNR Senior Research, Italy

Titre: Disambiguated query suggestions and personalized meta-search


We face the so called ‘‘ranked list problem’’ of Web searches, that occurs when users submit short requests to search engines. Generally, as a consequence of terms’

ambiguity and polysemy, users engage long cycles of query reformulation in an attempt to capture relevant information in the top ranked results.

The overall objective of the proposal is to support the user in optimizing Web searches, by reducing the need for long search iterations. 

Specifically, an approach is described for supporting an iterative query disambiguation mechanism that follows three main phases. 

(1) The results of a Web search performed by the user (by submitting a query to a search engine) are clustered. (2) Clusters are ranked, based on a personalized balance of their content-similarity to the query and their novelty. (3) From each cluster, a disambiguated query that highlights the main contents of the cluster is generated, in such a way the new query is potentially capable to retrieve new documents, not previously retrieved;  the disambiguated queries are suggestions for possibly new and more focused searches. 

The seminar describes the proposal, illustrating a sample application of the mechanism. and presents some users' evaluation experiment of the proposal .


Bio : Bio: Gloria Bordogna received the Laurea degree in Physics from the University of Milano in 1984. After a research contract at Politecnico of Milano, in 1986 she joined the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) where she currently holds the position of senior research scientist within the Institute for the study of the Dynamics of Environmental Processes (IDPA) located in Dalmine (BG), Italy. From 2003 to 2010, she was adjunct professor of Information Retrieval and Geographic Information Systems at the Faculty of Engineering of Bergamo University.In 2011 she was short listed for the position of CNR research manager.
Her research interests mainly focus on soft computing methods for the management of imprecision and uncertainty of textual and geographic information, multimedia information, retrieval models, Flexible Query Languages for Information Retrieval Systems and Data Base Management Systems, Decision making for Environmental applications. Her current research is in the field of Web information retrieval, environmental knowledge acquisition by fuzzy data mining, and multisource geographic information fusion.

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