Welcome to the SETS 2018 Workshop!


The workshop aims at bringing together researchers interested in set theory, especially to design tools for dealing with set theory, such as interactive or automated theorem provers, proof checkers, theories for general purpose proof tools, constraint solvers, programming languages etc. See the call for papers for more details regarding the scope of this workshop.

SETS 2018 is the third edition of the SETS workshop and is affiliated to the ABZ 2018 conference, which is organized on June 5-8, 2018, at Southampton in UK (the first edition SETS 2014 was held at Toulouse in France and was affiliated to ABZ 2014, while the second edition SETS 2015 was held at Oslo in Norway and was affilitated to FM 2015). The workshop itself, which is expected to be a one-day workshop, will be organized on June 2018. If you plan to submit a paper, do not hesitate to send a mail to the workshop co-chairs (see here how to contact them) to inform them of your intention.