Archived Projects

PROSIT – ANR Project - 2009-2012

The PROSIT project aims at developping a robotic tele-echography platform integrating haptic-based control. This platform is made of a “virtual” echographic haptic probe on the master side, and a transportable robotic arm carrying the real echographic probe on the slave side.

The main challenges of the project are :

  • to allow an inuittive distant piloting of the robot by integrating force control and force feedback in the tele-operation loop.
  • to put in place a tele-operation over a standard internet connection (i.e. not a dedicated channel), including or not a satellite connection.

My role :

  • Development of the real-time control software platform supporting development and integration on master’s and slave’s PCs, and related trainings for partners.
  • Design and implementation of the real-time control software architectures for the different robots and probes.
  • Coordination and integration of software development.
  • Programming : hardware/software interfaces, PID, regulated teleoperation link, supervision level.

Platforms, devices and tools : RTAI, C/C++, robosoft PURE


TIME – European Project (FP7) - 2008-2012

This project addresses the limitation of phantom limb pain for amputee people. One of the scientific lock to achieve this objectove if to perfom selective neural stimulation in order to target specific neural pathways. To this end, new generations of stimulators have been design by the DEMAR team and developped by MXM company, and software to manage this new technology has been developped.

My role :

  • Design and programming of the software API/drivers and grapĥical tool used to configure, program and pilot neural stimulators.
  • Training of project partners to the use of API and tool.

Platforms, devices and tools : MXM stimulators, Java/swing, Visual C++, Corba, XML

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