My PhD thesis

Davide Catta Proofs as games and games as proofs. Dialogical semantics for logic and natural language. Universitité de Montpellier 2021.

Published papers:

Davide Catta & Symon Jory Stevens-Guille:
Lorenzen Won the Game, Lorenz Did Too: Dialogical Logic for Ellipsis and Anaphora Resolution. WoLLIC 2021: 269-286

Matteo Acclavio , Davide Catta & Lutz Straßburger:
Game Semantics for Constructive Modal Logic, TABLEAUX 2021: 428-445

Davide Catta, Richard Moot & Christian Retoré:
Dialogical Argumentation and Textual Entailment, Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence—NLPinAI 2020 pp 191-226

Davide Catta, Luc Pellissier & Christian Retoré:
Inferential semantics as argumentative dialogues, International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence DCAI 2020: Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, Special Sessions, 17th International Conference pp 72-81

Davide Catta, Richard Moot & Christian Retoré:
Do different syntactic trees yield different logical readings? Some remarks on head variables in typed lambda calculus, NLCS 2018

Davide Catta & Mehdi Mirzapour:
Quantifier Scoping and Semantic Preferences, Proceedings of the Computing Natural Language InferenceWorkshop, September 2017, ACL Anthology

To Appear:

Davide Catta:
From strategies to derivations and back. An easy completeness proof for first order intuitionistic dialogical logic, Perspectives on Deduction, Springer 2021

Davide Catta & Antonio Piccolomini d'Aragona:
Game of Grounds, in Objects, Structures, and Logics, Springer 2021