Strong product theorems in graph theory (may 2020)

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Monday 25 may

10:30-12:00 A general introduction (including applications to queue number), by Gwenael Joret, based on and

14:00-14:45 The non-repetitive coloring consequences, by Louis Esperet, based on

Wednesday 27 may

11:00-12:00 $p$-centered colouring, by Felix Schröder, based on

14:00-14:30 Subgraph isomorphism, by Edouard Bonnet, based on

Friday 29 may

13:30-14:30 Extensions to other graph classes (bounded genus and other minor-closed classes, k-planar, etc), by Daniel Gonçalves, based on and

14:45-15:45 Consequences for adjacency labelling schemes, by Cyril Gavoille, based on and

Organized by Marthe Bonamy, Nicolas Bousquet, Louis Esperet, and Daniel Gonçalves

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