GKR 2017 @ IJCAI

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Accepted Papers

  • Simon Andrews and Simon Polovina. Validating directed graphs by applying Formal Concept Analysis to Conceptual Graphs. link
  • Dave Braines, Anna Thomas, Lance Kaplan, Murat Sensoy, Magdalena Ivanoska, Alun Preece and Federico Cerutti. Human-in-the-Loop Situational Understanding via Subjective Bayesian Networks. link
  • Tanya Braun and Ralf Moeller. Counting and Conjunctive Queries in the Lifted Junction Tree Algorithm. link
  • Catherine Howard, Shaun Voigt, Philp Dean and Christopher Penny. Representing and Reasoning about Logical Network Topologies. link
  • Andrea Loreggia, Nicholas Mattei, Francesca Rossi and Kristen Brent Venable. A Notion of Distance Between CP-nets. link
  • Simon Polovina. From Enterprise Concepts to Formal Concepts. link