Bruno Rouzeyre
    Research Interests

My research interests include the various aspects of digital circuit synthesis and testing , with special emphasis on DfT, BIST, and diagnosis. Reliability and fault Tolerance, as well as design and test of 3D ICs are also part of my (new) research activities. In the last years, many aspects of my research are focused on secure circuits (smart-cards, etc..). A detailed list of current topics investigated as part of my research activities is given below.

System Level Test

  • Test infrastuctures and test scheduling for SoCs

  • 3D circuits testing

Secure circuits

  • Bist of crypto-cores

  • Scan attacks & countermeasures

  • DPA attacks

  • Fault attacks & countermeasures

  • Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs)

  • Laser attacks simulation & emulation

On-line testing

  • On-line testing for secure-devices and fault-injection countermeasures

  • Transient faults