Daniel Dzahini

EntrepriseLaboratoire TIMA
AdresseLaboratoire TIMA 46, avenue Félix Viallet 38031 GRENOBLE
Téléphone04 76 57 47 25


Ingénieur de recherche au TIMA, Daniel Dzahini développe des dispositifs qui sont utilisés dans les grandes expériences de physique. Short biography: - 1991: PHD in microelectronics from Ecole Centrale de Lyon - Then 25 years experience as analog and mixte signal design project leader, sharing in ATLAS and ILC projects. I worked on low noise preamplifier design, optimal shaping, low offset aplifiers and signal conversion (ADC or DAC) - 2005: HDR qualification for PHD students training - 2012: Author of a patent on a new architecture of ADC for image sensors so called MASSAR - 2017: i-LAB laureate for innovative project on converters design - December 2017 Xdigit start-up director